Spring Water Machine black




PolarSpring Hot&Cold Spring Water Machine provides both refreshingly cold and hot/boiling water. All you need is an electrical outlet. The machine can be used in any dry indoor space, such as a cottage or workplace.

There are separate tanks for hot and cold water inside the device. Temperature settings and device cleaning can be adjusted from the front panel of the recess. The temperature can be adjusted to the desired temperature (Hot water 70 ºC, 80 ºC or 90 ºC & cold water 5 ºC, 7 ºC or 12 ºC).

Cold/hot water can be selected from the top panel of the dispenser. There is also a lock button which ensures that hot water cannot be ordered accidentally.

The PolarSpring canister can be placed behind the door in front of the device. Exchanging the canisters is effortless. Once the PET container is empty, it can be disposed of as energy waste or recycled as plastic. You can conveniently order canisters to the machine on pallets from Polar Spring.

Guarantee 1 year.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 34 × 32 × 104 cm
Technical information

Electric current 220V-50Hz
Protective anti-electricity classification I
Heating power 500 W
Cooling power 85 W
Total power 585 W
Water temperature:
Cold water 5-10 ºC
Hot water 85-95 ºC
Cooling capacity ≤ 10 ºC 2 l/h
Heating capacity ≥ 90 ºC 5 l/h
Coolant R600a


The price (369,00€) includes VAT (71,42€).