PolarSpring Well is located on the Salpausselkä ridge, on the southern border of the Finnish lake district. The Salpausselkä ridge was formed during the last Ice Age more than 10 000 years ago. PolarSpring natural spring water is filtered by thick and clean layers of sand and moraine gravel.


What is spring water?

Spring water rises naturally to ground level, filtered by layers of sand.


From spring to bottling plant

The spring water is pumped straight from the spring to our own bottling plant. PolarSpring well is located approximately 200 meters from the bottling plant. The water from the spring is led through a closed pipe to our factory. No chemicals are used during this process. PolarSpring natural spring water is led through 0,2-micron filters (thickness of human hair is about 30-200 microns) into bottles. This allows the water to preserve its fresh and soft taste.