Polar Spring Oy is a Finnish company, specializing in the packaging, sales and marketing of original Finnish natural water. Polar Spring delivers pure spring water for customers both in Finland as well as abroad. The products are delivered under the PolarSpring brand and as Private label.

Product selection consists of recyclable PET-plastic bottles in sizes 0,35 L, 0,5 L, 0,95 L and 1,5 L. In addition there are also canisters in sizes of 5,1 L and 10,1 L.

Our product selection also consists of recyclable glass bottles in sizes 0,33 L and 0,75 L.

We pack also spring water in 1,2 dl water cups.

AS A NOVELTY bag-in-box packages with the WaterCube brand name. Pack sizes of 5,15 L and 10 L. Less plastic – recyclable cardboard instead.

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Spring Water Bottles

Glass bottles

Private Label