PolarSpring WATERCUBE -Cardoard packaging


Plastic bottles are quality products and the raw material is recyclable, but in Water Cubes there is less plastic especially compared to other bigger packages. The idea is to pack water into the progressive double layer bag and cover it with corrugated cardboard. Both bag layers and the tap have its own essential abilities in protecting natural and delicate spring water extremely well from off-flavors, odors, bacteria and oxygen. Corrugated cardboard shell makes the package steady to carry and handle, it also provides protection from light and dirt. In WaterCube natural spring water can be stored for longer time as air does not come into contact with water even when the package has been opened.

WaterCube5  5,15L


The package is suitable for food. Less plastic – cardboard instead. The package contains integrated handles without plastic.

The shell of the package is double layer cardboard BC RR, recycled in carton collection.

The double layer water bag with tap EVOH/PE, recycled with energy waste.